Math Projects

Coding requires mathematical thinking, so all of the projects in our curriculum will strengthen math skills. But below is a list of 24 projects in our curriculum that are especially mathematical in nature that will not only strengthen specific math skills, but also make math fun. The projects range from simple coding to more complex algorithms.

Unit Converter - convert one unit of measurement to another

Yard Designer - calculate area and total cost

High Low - calculate payout based on probability

Score Analyzer - calculate average from a list of numbers

Multiplication Table - find perfect squares

Coin Machine - calculate the optimal way to produce change

Dice Roller - demonstrates probability and the law of large numbers

Roman Converter - convert Roman numerals to a decimal number

Large Numbers - spell out a number using large number names

Finding Angles - introduction to trigonometry

Taxman - find the factors of a number

Graphing Tool - graph equations on a coordinate plane

Archery - video game using trigonometry and physics

Lunar Lander - video game using trigonometry and physics

Fibonacci Sequence - calculate the Fibonacci sequence

Calculating Pi - calculate an approximation of pi using geometry

Finding Primes - find prime numbers using the sieve of Eratosthenes

Calculating Square Roots - calculate square roots using long division

Pascal's Triangle - generate Pascal's triangle

Prime Factorization - find the prime factors of a number

Decimal Converter - convert a decimal number to Roman numerals

Expression Parser - apply order of operations using recursion

Pathfinding - introduction to graph theory

Minimax - introduction to game theory