Game Projects

Coding involves logic, and game mechanics are driven by logical rules, so making games is an excellent way to learn coding. Below is a list of 24 game projects in our curriculum that will not only strengthen coding skills, but also make coding fun. The projects range from simple coding to more complex algorithms.

Nim - simple strategy game

Pig - simple dice game

Head Count - simple brain exercise game

Rock Paper Scissors - computer version of rock paper scissors

Fighting Game - turn-based game with animation and sounds

Tic-tac-toe - computer version of tic-tac-toe

Bingo - computer version of bingo

Hangman - computer version of hangman

Lights Out - logic game

Obstruction - strategy game

Simon - brain exercise game

Peg Solitaire - logic game

Video Game - simple video game

Maxit - strategy game

Taxman - logic game

Ultimate Tic-tac-toe - more complex version of tic-tac-toe

Connect Four - computer version of Connect Four

Mastermind - logic game

Video Poker - solitaire poker game

2048 - logic game with animation

Archery - video game using trigonometry and physics

Lunar Lander - video game using trigonometry and physics

Minesweeper - logic game using recursion

Dodgeball - multiplayer game using server-side coding