Public API

The API calls below can be made with a GET request from either a browser or a server. The response will be in JSON format.

API Calls

Get Students

No Sort and No Filter: /api/students
Sort by Project Points: /api/students?sort=project-points
Sort by Number of Projects: /api/students?sort=num-projects
Sort by Challenge Points: /api/students?sort=challenge-points
Filter by Project Points: /api/students?project-points=500
Filter by Number of Projects: /api/students?num-projects=50
Filter by Challenge Points: /api/students?challenge-points=50

Get Projects

Due to the large number of projects, only 24 projects are returned at a time. Use the page parameter to specify which set of projects to get.
No Sort and No Filter: /api/projects
Filter by Points: /api/projects?points=50