Level 3 Projects

Complete some of the projects below, or similar projects before starting the level 4 projects.

Similar to Raffle: Color Game
Similar to Word Repeater: Word Counter
Similar to Word Repeater: Fun with Words link icon
Similar to Word Repeater: Score Analyzer
Similar to Pixel Art: Virtual Piano

Step 1: From the Cloud9 dashboard: Create a new workspace
Fill in the following text boxes on the form:
→ Workspace name: your-workspace-name
→ Clone from Git or Mercurial URL: https://github.com/studentmrcode/template.git Copy
Click Create workspace button
Open index.html and click Run


To make a large text box, use the textarea tag.

For analyzing strings, treat a string like an array of characters.

For cycling through characters, refer to the character codes page.

For playing sounds, refer to the audio help page. Download piano notes here.

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