Level 2 Projects

Complete one of the projects below, or a similar project before starting the level 3 projects.

Similar to Clicker: Smoothie Stand
Similar to Clicker: Fighting Game link icon
Similar to Reaction Tester: Chatbot link icon
Similar to Picture Swapper: Rock Paper Scissors

Step 1: From the Cloud9 dashboard: Create a new workspace
Fill in the following text boxes on the form:
→ Workspace name: your-workspace-name
→ Clone from Git or Mercurial URL: https://github.com/studentmrcode/template.git Copy
Click Create workspace button
Open index.html and click Run


To animate a style change, use the transition style.

For putting an image on top of another image, watch the positioning video. The video shows an example. Do NOT copy it exactly.

For playing sounds, refer to the audio help page.

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