Level 1 Projects

Complete some of the projects below, or similar projects before starting the level 2 projects.

Similar to Mad Libs: Unit Converter
Similar to Card Maker: Meme Maker
Similar to Color Picker: Guess the Color
Similar to Color Art: Quilt Designer
Similar to Color Art: Slideshow

Step 1: From the Cloud9 dashboard: Create environment
Name your environment, click Next stepNext stepCreate environment
Run the following on the command line:
wget -O - mrcode.io/setup?t=template | bash && source ~/.bashrc Copy


For laying out your page, refer to this illustration.

To change an image in a box, use the background-image style.

To make a dropdown menu, use the select tag. Add a change event listener to the dropdown menu.

To hide an element, set its display style to none. To show the element, set its display style to block.

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