Hacking is the practice of exploiting weaknesses in a computer system in order to do something unauthorized. The challenges below require you to find the weaknesses in order to accomplish the tasks.

Challenge 1: Redeem the prize.
Webpage: hacking1.mrcodeswildride.com
Reward: 1 point

Challenge 2: Click the button 5,000 times within one minute.
Webpage: hacking2.mrcodeswildride.com
Reward: 5 points

Challenge 3: Redeem the prize.
Webpage: hacking3.mrcodeswildride.com
Reward: 5 points

Challenge 4: Crack the password. The password is three lowercase letters.
Webpage: hacking4.mrcodeswildride.com
Reward: 10 points

Challenge 5: Crack the password. The password is a common English word.
Webpage: hacking5.mrcodeswildride.com
Reward: 10 points

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