Exercise Set 5

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Start an automatic counter when the start button is clicked, and have it stop when the stop button is clicked.


<button id="startCounterButton">Start counter</button>
<button id="stopCounterButton">Stop counter</button>
<p id="counterParagraph">Counter: 0</p>


var startCounterButton = document.getElementById("startCounterButton");
var stopCounterButton = document.getElementById("stopCounterButton");
var counterParagraph = document.getElementById("counterParagraph");

var counter = 0;
var intervalId = null;

startCounterButton.addEventListener("click", startCounter);
stopCounterButton.addEventListener("click", stopCounter);

function startCounter() {
    // your code will appear here

function stopCounter() {

function increaseCounter() {
    counter = counter + 1;
    counterParagraph.innerHTML = "Counter: " + counter;

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