Artificial Intelligence


Project: Using minimax, make a tic-tac-toe game with an unbeatable computer opponent.

What is Minimax?

For two-player games, minimax is an algorithm that attempts to choose the best possible move for any given game state. It does this by assigning a score to every possible move, and then choosing the move with the best score. The score is determined by recursively looking multiple moves ahead.


minimax illustration


function score(move, computerTurn):
    if game is over:
        return score of game state
        if computerTurn:
            bestScore = Infinity

            for each possible next move:
                score = score(nextMove, false)
                bestScore = min(score, bestScore)

            return bestScore
            bestScore = -Infinity

            for each possible next move:
                score = score(nextMove, true)
                bestScore = max(score, bestScore)

            return bestScore
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