Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child learn a useful skill? Absolutely. Professional engineers use what we teach. Nothing has been watered down. Even if your child does not pursue a career in software engineering, coding will improve their analytical thinking.

What experience do the instructors have? The instructors have professional software engineering experience, writing real-world code to build commercial software.

How is the curriculum taught? The curriculum is self-paced and project-based. Your child will create projects from day one and progress to more advanced projects at their own pace. Your child will learn programming concepts through Mr. Code's videos and through personalized help from the instructor.

What can my child build after completing the curriculum? Your child will be able to build web apps and games. By the end of the advanced curriculum, your child will build a chat room and a multiplayer online game.

How long will it take to complete the curriculum? It depends. If your child codes just once a week, it may take many months to build complex web apps and games. If they code throughout the week, the time may be much shorter.

Does my child need their own computer? We provide a Windows laptop for every child.

Can my child code at home throughout the week? Absolutely. Coding requires practice. Your child will use an online code editor, so they can work on their projects from any computer. We encourage your child to email us for coding help throughout the week.

Is there an advancement system? The curriculum is structured, and topics build upon each other, so your child can get a sense of advancement by building more complex projects. Your child can also earn prizes by building original projects.

Can I pay by credit card? Yes, after your free trial, you can sign up for automatic weekly payments.

My child is homeschooled, can I use a voucher? We are an approved vendor of CORE, Heritage Peak, Horizon, Inspire, South Sutter, Sutter Peak, and Visions In Education. If you are part of another charter school, please let us know, and we can become an approved vendor.